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Help! My Touchpad Has A Mind Of Its Own

Terry from Muskego, WI writes:

Please help save my few remaining marbles. I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 Premium Edition. My touch pad has a naughty mind of its own. When I type my cursor goes all over creation. If I type an “a” the cursor will find an “a” somewhere else on the page and then start typing there. It takes forever and ever to type a message. Sometimes the window I’m typing in will even disappear. I have gone into the Control Panel and adjusted the sensitivity of the Elan touch pad at lest a hundred times. It’s a great laptop otherwise but this typing thing makes it pretty much impossible to deal with. Can you help? I’m so desperate. Thanks so much.


It is a general problem with many laptops. When the sensitivity increases, it starts responding to little touch during typing. To avoid this the best way is to install TouchFreeze [1]. It is a freeware program available for Windows7.

Touchfreeze disables the touchpad when you are typing and automatically enables it back when you stop typing. 

 Here is the procedure to download and install Touchfreeze.

 1) Click Here [1] To go to the TouchFreeze website

Logo TouchFreeze

2) Click on  TouchFreeze-1.1.0.msi [2]

3) When Windows asks for permission, select Run – since this is a trusted source.

4) Then click Next , Now select Current user or All user. Continue to press Next for few steps, Then Finish.

5) Now the Icon will be available in the System tray( Icons at the bottom right corner of the screen)

6)  Click on the icon and make sure “Load on startup” is checked.

By using this Application, it avoids almost all touchpad problems while typing. If you have any trouble installing the software, please comment and I’ll try to help.

~ Richard Brown