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Solving a “Trayapp” File Problem

Every time my computer boots, it starts to download some file called “Trayapp”. I have tried everything I know to find the program that “needs” this elusive file, but can’t find any information linking it to anything in my system. I have to manually “end program” every time I turn on my computer.

I know this problem must be frustrating for you, but you’ll be glad to know that it can be fixed, and it’s not hard to do. I bet you have an HP printer, don’t you? Well, the problem is not with the printer itself, but a file the printer uses. Let’s get started on getting rid of this annoying problem.

The Trayapp file is an application bundled with the HP Photosmart Digital Imaging software. When you scan or print documents and photos, the printer software uses the Trayapp file for these processes. Is it a needed file? Well, obviously if you print documents, pictures, or do any scanning it is.

The file is included on the installation CD you used when you first installed your HP printer. The file may have not been installed correctly, or has become corrupted if you’ve been using the printer for any length of time.

On to the fix.

Insert the HP printer installation CD into your computer’s CD drive. Click the Start button and then click Shutdown to turn off the computer. Turn the computer back on by pressing the power button. When your computer boots up, it should recognize the CD, and automatically find the Trayapp.msi file and download it.

If your computer does not find the Trayapp file automatically from the CD, click your Start button and then click Computer.

Find the CD that is inserted into your CD drive, which is listed in the Drives with Removable Storage section.

Double-click on the CD and double-click the Trayapp folder. Find the Trayapp.msi file in this folder and double-click it. Hit OK and the Trayapp file will extract on your computer. You will see a screen flash while it is extracting the files, and then close quickly. Take the CD out of the CD drive and reboot your computer again. You should not see the Trayapp error message. If you do, you need to navigate to the HP website and update the drivers for your printer. If you need help with this, HP support can assist you.

~Rita Wood