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Some Easy Ways To Skip Inline Videos Ads on YouTube

Commercial advertisements in YouTube videos are very annoying for two reasons. First, there is no easy way to bypass them and instantly watch the video you are interested in. You must watch that 30 second commercial before the original video even starts buffering. And there is no way to know whether a specific YouTube video has inline video ads within it.

Second, some of these advertisements auto play themselves, which can be awkwardly embarrassing, especially when you are browsing YouTube with kids or family members. You want to watch the highlights of a soccer game and suddenly, irrelevant music starts playing accompanied by disturbing visuals. How obtrusive is that?

Here are two simple ways to get rid of inline video commercials from YouTube videos:

Quickly Refresh The Page Before 5 Seconds

This is quite an old school trick, so it might not work for some, if not all of the videos that come plastered with inline commercial ads. This trick works universally and you don’t have to install anything on your computer. But the catch is that you have to be really quick.

Here is how it works. Whenever an inline video ad begins to buffer, refresh the page by hitting F5 on your keyboard or hit the reload button on your browser. You have to refresh the page before 5 seconds, while the inline commercial is still buffering.

The result is that the advertisement will be skipped, and you will be able to watch the video right there. This trick works not only for YouTube, but also for Hulu, Dailymotion and other free video sharing sites.

Block Autoplaying Video Ads In YouTube Using Browser Extensions

If you are using Google Chrome, go to the Skip ads on YouTube extension page [1] and hit the “Add to Chrome” button. Next, click “Install” and wait until the extension downloads a crx file and integrates itself within your Google Chrome browser.

 Install Skip Video Ads Chrome extension

Once the extension is installed, you will notice that a new “Play” icon has been added on every YouTube video page, right below the title of the video. Following is an example:

Skip Ads In YouTube

Whenever you spot an ad, all you have to do is hit that “Play” button once. The extension will bypass the video ad and will jump directly to the original content. As simple as that!

If you are using Firefox, go to adblockvideo.com [2], hit the “Add to Firefox” button and choose “Save file”. Then click “Ok”.

 Block YouTube video ads in Firefox

This will download a .xpi extension file on your computer. Once the file download is complete, open the Firefox add-on manger by clicking Tools > Addons.

Firefox add-on manager

Next, choose “Install Add-on from file” and browse to the location where the .xpi file was saved.

Install Add on from File

Restart Firefox and you will see a “Skip” button on the extreme right hand corner, as shown below:

Firefox Video adblock enabled

This is the “ON” state of the extension which means that the extension is working and it will continue to block inline video ads on any website, be it YouTube, Hulu, Dailymotion, CNN, Fox news and so forth. No clicking required.

Personally, I would prefer the old school trick but in case you need something full featured, these extensions will take care of it. 

~Amit Banerjee