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songify [1]

Apps are a dime a dozen, and if it’s the Apple Store they are one too many. Which is the biggest problem – it’s difficult to wade through them and find the real gems. Here is one new app that is free and makes you an instant rap singer. What’s more, you can share it on Facebook and become a singer in your social community.

Aptly named Songify, this nifty app does what it says: Turns your dull, jaded monotonous squeaker into an enigmatic voice that juggles between a high and low pitch. All these songs last 1.10 minutes, and the free app has three rap styles to go with it. Just go to settings menu, click on the style you want and you’re good to go!

Going about it is fairly easy, because of its intuitive user interface. You just hit anywhere on the surface of your fourth generation iPod Touch or iPhone, and the device starts recording. However, all those who own the older iPod Touch and iPhone need to use a microphone to record. You can just speak into the phone and the app turns that into a funky song. If you would like to experiment with six other musical styles, you will have to buy them within the app.

The best part? You can connect to your Facebook or Twitter and give the app access to share your music online. Not only that, but you even get to hear others who have uploaded their stuff online and rate them. Even if you are a bad bathroom singer, this app will prompt you to not only record your voice, but also share it with the world, like I did. Still, if you are shy, you could just save it in your Songify library or email it to yourself or a few select people. The only downside? The app is 16.2 MB. So make sure you have ample space before you download it.

One warning, though. It’s fairly addictive. Use it only if you have enough time to kill.

~Zahid H Javali