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Songs That Get You Pumped

Songs That Get You Pumped [1]

I’m starting you right out on the about page for this site, so that you don’t have any questions as to what is about or how it works. Basically, you register and submit the title and performer of a song that gets you pumped; then the community will vote on whether or not that song gets them pumped.

To get started, you’ll want to click the Sign Up Now link (or you can click register at the top of the page). Registration is a form that you fill out with a working e-mail address (you’ll use it to login to the site as well), then create a username and password, provide your name, click the check boxes with your responses, and then fill in the ‘prove you are human’ security code and click the Create my Account button.

You’ll be automatically logged in, so you don’t have to leave the site, just dive right in. Click Submit to add the song that gets you pumped up! Type the title first, followed by a dash, the band or artist’s name, and then in the box below it, you can write why the song gets you pumped. Once you click submit, it will add your song to the site and include links to it on YouTube so people can check it out.

I added The Whirled You Live – Etherfox, which is my go to song for getting out of a funk and pumped up, it’s a House/Dance mix with amazing horns on it. Why don’t people use horns in music anymore? Anyway, every time I hear this song in my playlist I chair dance! If that’s not pumped, I don’t know what is!

You can even share your song choice with your friends over Twitter, Facebook, or even via E-mail. They even provide a direct link if you want to just link it somewhere (like your blog, MySpace, etc.)

As you rate songs with an up (if you like it) or a down (if you don’t) – you can hear the song via one of the YouTube links provided. I think it would make more sense to have YouTube links already there so you could hear it before you voted.

So what songs get you pumped?

http://www.songsthatgetyoupumped.com/about.php [1]