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Sort Start Menu and Favorites

I love to drag and drop. I can put anything I want wherever I want it without having to copy/paste or “Send to”. If you would like to keep your Start menu or your Favorites in a certain order, then this tip’s for you.

To sort the Start Menu quickly, point to Start (very left side of your screen on the bottom), then left-click on All Programs, and then point your mouse in a blank area of the Menu and right-click (in the example below, I right-clicked in the blank part of my Startup option). A small menu will pop up.


Left-click on Sort by Name and your menu is completely sorted in alphabetical order.

Let’s say, however, that you don’t want it sorted by alphabetical order; maybe you would like all of your games grouped together. Here’s where the drag-and-drop comes in. Once again, point to Start, left-click on All Programs, and there’s your Start Menu. This time you are going to left-click the entry you want to move and (without taking your finger off of the mouse) drag the program entry (up or down) to wherever you want it to go. While you are dong this, a black line will appear under the entry you are moving so that you can see where you’re going. All of this works for Favorites, too.

Pretty quick and easy!

One added note: Whenever you install a new program or add an entry to your Favorites, the entry is automatically added to the bottom of the menu. Just re-sort it using the methods above and you’re good to go.