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Sort With Two Criteria in MS Outlook

I’m sure that all of you MS Outlook users know how to sort your e-mail messages by clicking the column title.


Furthermore, if you click the column title again it will begin to toggle between an ascending and descending sort.

Works great, love it, use it all the time but… did you ever need to sort by let’s say sender and receive date?

What did you do?

Click on the From column title then move over and click on the Received column title?

Didn’t work out, did it?

The sort just switched from one column to the other so in the end you had a list of messages sorted by receive date only.

At this point you’d have to wonder if it’s a lost cause.

Fear not – sorting with two criteria is as simple the Shift key.

Next time you need to search on more than one criteria try this:

You can still continue to click to toggle between ascending and descending sorts just be sure to hold down the Shift key while you do it.

And that’s all there is to it – add the Shift key to your sorting routine and you’ll have your messages sorted “this & that” in no time flat.