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I know I’ve brought you other awesome guitar tab sites in the past, but Soundslice offers something more than just free tablature. They have created an interface where you can see the tablature synced with video of the song being performed.

I know from my work as an academic coach that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. From knitting, I’ve learned that sometimes that line of pattern makes no sense to me until I can see someone else hands going through the motions. In fact, I almost exclusively use YouTube for knitting how-to videos these days.

So why wouldn’t the same be true of playing guitar. Now you can not only hear what you’re trying to play and see the guitar tabs, but you can actually watch someone play the piece. If you’ve had difficulty and wondered if seeing someone do it would be more helpful, then this is the site to help you learn guitar tabs. Another great feature of the interface is the ability to slow both the tabs and the video down to half time so you can easily see what’s going on and practice at a slower pace.

Best of all the site is free to join and use, but what I like more than that is that you can click the Play with an Example button and try it out before signing up. So that if it doesn’t work for you,  or you don’t like the platform then you won’t have another random account out there. If you do like it you can easily register for a free account from both the main page and the example page.

Just click the Sign Up button, then provide a working e-mail address,  create a username and password, and agree to the terms of service. Once you’ve filled the form out with the required information, click the Let’s Boogie button and get started with your own account. 

This is an awesome site for learning guitar tabs, check it out today!