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You know I love to indulge my inner geek. Well this site is pure geekery and is fantastically all about Space! Here you can explore the latest in space news, videos, and images.

On the main page you’ll find lots of featured articles and videos to explore – they will suck you in to the main categories like a black hole. Forgive the bad pun! The main categories are: News, Space Flight, Science, Technology, Entertainment, SpaceViews, NightSky, SETI, Video, and Community.

Each section is setup in the same style as the main page, so you’ll find featured stories and videos pertaining to that category, as well as, news.

While I was visiting in the main section there was this awesome featured story “Glowing Nebula Reveals Cosmic Cat’s Paw”, not only was it a fascinating article the title conjures up all sorts of images. The funniest I thought of was how it sounded like a super hero story. The super hero being called Cosmic Cat – and now we’ve seen his paw! It was really all about how there are stars being born at a rampant pace within our galaxy in the Cat’s Paw Nebula.

Get ready to explore outer space and check this site out today!




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Space [1]

Welcome to Space.com the perfect site for all you space nuts out there. Do you want up to date space news and odd stories, well you’ll find them at this site.

Spaceflight — get up to date news on worldwide space launches, and view mission archives as well.

Spaceviews — View image galleries, get wallpaper and screen savers, and use the universal viewer.

A space site that is beautifully put together. Enjoy.

http://www.space.com/ [2]