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Spaceship Radio cool site- scifi podcast home site

Spaceship Radio

This site hosts a show that plays public domain Sci/Fi radio plays from the 1940’s and 1940’s.

You’ll find the latest show in the series at the top of the front page. Below that is the news and recent articles. Click Listen Now to listen to the episode, err, now! :) Clicking this link will download the file into your browser and then play it. You will need the Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or some other program that plays .mp3 files to listen to it. Right-click and choose Save Target As to save it on your computer to listen to the show at another time.

After an introduction by the site author, it cues into the show. This is a great way to preserve these shows.

To get to the past episodes click on Past Shows at the top of the main page. Here you will want to click on the podcast icon to listen to the shows. It looks like this:


The linked shows will play in your browser just like the first one I talked about. This is a great way to catch up on the episodes prior to the latest one.

If you check out Recommendations, you’ll find the latest reviews on Sci/Fi movies, books, and more. I can’t wait to watch this site grow. It seems to get better each time I visit.

http://spaceshipradio.com/ [1]

~ Amanda