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Sparky the Fire Dog

Sparky the Fire Dog [1]

When the weather gets nice, one of the first things I think about is warm weather activities like barbeques and bonfires! We used to have bonfires all the time in spring when the weather started getting warm but wasn’t quite warm enough yet. Then I got to thinking about fire safety for kids, so I went looking for a kid-friendly site that would help them learn about fire safety.

Activities: here you’ll find activities for kids like the escape plan grid, home safety checklist, and a fun origami dog. I think getting your kids involved in planning fire escape and the safety checklist is a great hands-on experience for them to learn about fire safety. And the origami dog was fun and easy to make!

Fire Trucks: this section will open in a new window and has an awesome gallery of fire trucks! Just click on the photo of the fire truck to learn more about it. This is a neat section for both kids and adults. I learned all about the different types of fire trucks!

Sparky Stuff: here you can learn about Dalmatians, discover the story behind Sparky, and visit the Sparky Museum.

Cartoons: here you kids can discover animated shorts, and Sparky’s favorite comics like What’s Up, Pup? and Cookie’s Kitchen.

Games: use the arrow under the games banner to navigate through all the available games. Then click on the game you want to play to select it! There are all sorts of fun games to play that will help teach your children about fire safety!

This is an awesome site for kids to learn all about fire safety in a fun, interactive way!

http://sparky.org/#/Sparky [1]