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Speaker Shopping: What To Look For

Whether you own a desktop, tablet, smartphone or iPod, chances are that the built-in speakers aren’t delivering the best quality sound. For times when you’re hosting a big party and want to share your music collection with large groups of people, it is essential to have high-quality speakers to ensure that your guests can fully enjoy high-end, quality versions of their favorite tunes. Nevertheless, before you head to your local electronics store or start searching the web, here are a few basic tips to remember for choosing the perfect speakers to really amplify audio, regardless of what device you own.

Overall Sound Quality

The important thing to keep in mind when determining the sound quality of speakers is this: disregard the specifications outlined by manufacturers. Because there really is no science behind testing sound quality, details such as frequency-response numbers are pretty pointless to consider. The best thing to do for deciding whether you are truly happy with the output quality of speakers before purchase is to depend on your own ears! Test them out in the store before buying to see if the overall sound quality truly meets your expectations. Most importantly, be sure to take your time and try out a wide range of songs.

A good way to tell that speakers are of high quality is if they offer a balance between the upper, middle-range, and lower frequencies. As a result, sounds will be produced in a very full and rich tone, with the details of the song being clearly audible. Another thing to keep in mind when searching for speakers is to steer clear of extremely boomy, loud or thumpy systems. A big red flag should be raised in your mind when you notice that bass or treble details are prominent in the audio. Many times, these types of speakers are featured in displays simply because they pack a big punch, especially at an overly noisy, crowded store.  Overall, it is best to stick with speakers that offer low frequencies to help produce detailed, rich sounds.

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Speaker Controls

Instead of opting for basic speakers that don’t offer system controls, it is better to search for a system that allows you to tweak volume levels and other essential sound elements. For example, several speaker systems enable the user to set their own bass and treble levels, making the listening experience more suitable for any specific atmosphere. So, whether you’re hosting a big party or just looking to kick back and enjoy the melodic musings of your favorite singer, you’ll be able to make the appropriate tuning adjustments.


Last but not least, we all know that price plays a large determining role in which speaker set you ultimately choose. Usually, the more you decide to spend on a system, the better the overall sound quality will be. Additionally, you will likely find more advanced and wide-ranging features for ensuring high-quality tuning and audio output. The good news is that speakers fall under the category of most generously discounted tech accessories. Regardless, remember to take your time and really shop around until you find the best fit for your listening needs!