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Special Characters

Special Characters

Have you been trying to figure out how you can make certain special characters with your computer keyboard? You know, like a cent sign or maybe a a registered trademark sign (the R with a circle around it). Both of those and more have always been on my list of “How do you do that”?!

Well, I have finally found the solutions and I am so excited to share these with you! Let’s do the cent sign first. If you need to add the cent sign into any document or project you’re working on, simply hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and type in the numbers 0162. This is what you’ll get: ¢ Cool, huh?! Look below for even more characters you can try:

® = Alt + 0174

© = Alt + 0169

™ = Alt + 0153

¥ = Alt + 0165

Those are just a few you can do with the Alt key and a number code. Keep in mind that when you’re doing this, you must use the number pad on the right hand side of your keyboard. It won’t work if you use the numbers located above the letters. Look here for even more ideas and special characters. Your documents won’t ever be the same!

~ Erin