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Speed Up Your Vista Searches

The Search Box in Windows Vista searches for files, Windows contacts, Windows Mail, history and favorites by default. That seems like an awful lot to go through, doesnt it?

Thank goodness, you can customize the search results from the Start menu search box to only return the results you really want. I’m the kind of guy that uses the Search Box to pull up applications, and rarely anything aside from that.

To configure this setting, right-click on the Start button and select Properties. Next, click on the Customize button and scroll down until you see the checkboxes under the Search section.

Here’s a shot of my screen with all of my settings in place:

For the best results, change the Search Files option to “Don’t search for files.” The Start menu is too small to find files anyway. Making that change will speed up the search process immensely. Here are the details for what the other options do:

There, that’s much faster now!

~ Andrew