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Speeding Through the Reds and Greens

Speeding Through the Reds and Greens

We’re all aware of MS Word’s helpful little hints when it begins to underline our text with red and green.

When we see the green, we need to take a look at the grammar and the red is a subtle hint that we’ve either misspelled something or have a typo.

As I’m sure you also know, you can right click on one of these sections to get Word to make suggestions for corrections. This is a real quick way to get the job done with no look ups required.

In short, Word does all the work for you.

Now, let’s suppose you have a rather long document and it’s time to go through it, looking for errors of just this type.

You’ve got a lot of pages you’re going to take a look at one by one.

Anyone in this situation would be looking for a quick way to jump from error to error quickly and then just as quickly display potential corrections.

I know I would want a shortcut!

We could start the Spelling and Grammar Check feature. That’s always a good one.

But, if you’re looking, at the current moment, to simply run through and remove as many of the red and green underlines as possible, here’s a pretty quick and easy way to get the job done.

What you’re looking for is the Spelling and Grammar Status icon on the Status Bar at the bottom.

See it?


Now double click it.

Immediately, it will move through the document and stop on the first marked problem.

At the same time, it will also open the “right click” menu that you would have gotten had you manually hunted down and right clicked on each error individually.

From the menu, select the correction you’d like to make and poof!

The correction is made and the menu closes.

Now, simply return to the Spelling and Grammar icon and double click again.

Word will move on to the next problem, repeating the process each time you double click on the symbol.

If you don’t want to change one of the items it stops on, just double click the Spelling and Grammar button again and it will move on to the next problem, leaving the previous item in tact.

And there you have it.

Go directly to the trouble spots with just a click, click!

~ April