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Spell Check in MS Excel

Yeah, I know. Excel is primarily for numeric data , but let’s face it, we tend to use a lot of words in our Excel worksheets. Given all those words, it’s only reasonable to find that typos and misspelled words are occurring in Excel too.

So, it makes sense to me to understand (not just assume) what cells the spell check feature is actually checking. Did you know that what spell check actually examines depends upon what you have selected when you start it?

Well, it does and with that in mind, let’s take a look at our options:

– If you have the formula bar selected, start the spell check (Tools menu / Review tab of the Ribbon, Spelling choice or F7). Excel will only check the contents of the formula bar, leaving the rest of the worksheet untouched.

– If the spell check is started with a range of cells selected, only the cells in the selected range will be checked.

– To check an entire worksheet, select any cell on the sheet and start the spell check.

– Finally, to check multiple worksheets, first select the sheet tabs for all of the worksheets. (Use the Shift key or Ctrl key with the mouse to select all the sheets). Now, start the spell check.

There it is! That’s enough information to understand what Excel’s checking and to take control of your Excel spell checks!