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Spell Check It

Spell Check It

It’s no secret. We all love to send and receive e-mails, don’t we? Whether it’s the giving or receiving, we enjoy it all. On the other hand, don’t you hate it when you send an e-mail and realize later that it had several spelling errors in it? And even worse, how do you like it when you get an e-mail like that? I don’t enjoy either very much and I’m guessing you all don’t either. So, today I thought I would help all of you Hotmail and Yahoo! users out with a little spell checking. Here we go!

Before you even think about the spell check process, just go ahead and type out your e-mail like you normally would. (Don’t go back and look for mistakes either!) Now, once you have that done, here’s what you do. In Hotmail, go to the Tools menu and choose Spell Check. It will then show you the errors you made (if any), as well as, give you options for fixing them. You can either choose to ignore it or replace it with one of the suggestions. Once you’re done, click OK and it will take you back to your original message, with no mistakes attached!

In Yahoo!, click on the Spell Check icon along the toolbar above your message. The icon has a small “abc” and a checkmark on it. Once you click that, the same options will come up for you. They will show you the word you spelled wrong and you can either ignore it or change it. They also give you some suggestions on what to change the word to. Once you have everything fixed, click Close and your newly remodeled message will appear.

So, if you’ve been living in the world of poorly spelled e-mails, snap out of it and give the spell check a try. You’ll never go back to misspelling again!

~ Erin