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Spell Checker for Outlook Express

Spell Checker for Outlook Express

You know I always thought it was odd that Outlook Express no longer includes any sort of integrated spell checker. Back in the days when MS Office included Windows operating systems, having a spell check was obviously not an issue, but once they discontinued the bundling of these components, Windows was left without any sort of spellchecker. Not only is this an inconvenience for the new PC buyer, but it is also expensive. A recent copy of MS Word 2003 is in the neighborhood of $135.00- $170.00. That’s more expensive than XP and it’s an entire operating system.

Not everyone has or needs MS Word. In my opinion, there are other word processing programs out there that can perform a somewhat comparable job at word processing for less. Everyone I know that owns a PC primarily uses it for two things: surfing the Web and sending e-mails. If this sounds like you, then today’s download could be right up your alley.

Today’s download of the week is spell check and it is a stand-alone spell checker for OE. This tiny little program will instill confidence in you while you’re pumping out the e-mails. Spell checker attaches to your OE and appears to be just another standard toolbar icon, and you can also access it by pressing F7, just like Windows’ own spell checker. As a matter of fact, it acts so much like Microsoft’s own spell checker, you may not notice the difference.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. There are no extra features and as a matter of fact, you can’t even see it in your programs list. So if you find yourself needing a spell checker for a PC, think about using the one configured in OE. Don’t pay Mr. Gates insane amounts of money for something that should be included with the operating system anyhow. Instead pay Chad….a visit and I’ll get you squared away.

Click here to download the spell checker.

~Chad Stelnicki