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Spiffy PowerPoint Handouts

Spiffy PowerPoint Handouts

Have you ever given a presentation in MS PowerPoint and found yourself wishing that you had an easy way to put together a handout for your audience to follow?

If you’ve been to training sessions where the presenter uses PowerPoint then you may know what I’m talking about.

Those wonderful pages that have all the slides (which means you get all the content without frantically scribbling every word down) and a space to write your extra little notes.

I’ve also been to presentation where the presenter did not have the handouts. Let me assure you, it was better for me, as a member of the audience, to have the material in my hands as we covered it.

So, do you want to know how to make beautiful handouts of your own?


Excellent – just what I wanted to hear. (Thanks for being so agreeable.)

The first thing you may want to do is to customize the header and footer information that will be printed on your handouts.

To accomplish this you need to go to the View menu, Master sub-menu, Handout Master choice.


Two toolbars will open (Handout Master and Master). On the Handout Master toolbar that opens select the type of handout you’re going to print. (The empty rectangles represent where slides will be printed.)


Then in the preview of the handout you can click into one of the header or footer boxes to edit the content.

You may want to zoom in to 100% so you can see the text you’re editing. (Either use View menu, Zoom choice or the Zoom pull down menu from the Standard toolbar.)

Also, if you’re having trouble clicking into the footer box to edit try right clicking over the box and choosing Edit from the pop-up menu.

When you finish click the Close button on the Master toolbar.

You will then be returned to your slide show.

Now we’re ready to talk about printing your marvelous handouts.

First you need to start the printing process. Either use the File menu, Print choice or Ctrl + P.

Now we’re looking in the Print window for the section entitled “Print what:“.


In drop down list you should find listings for the handout options.

Pick the same type of handout that you edited earlier from the list.

Finish choosing your other print options and you’re ready to print.


Beautiful presentation handouts are only seconds away.

Happy Presenting :-)