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Split Large Files for Easier Transmission

If you want to transfer a file from one place to another, but don’t have sufficient capacity in your pen drive or any other external memory device, it is better to split the file into pieces and transfer the small files one by one and merge them later. HJSplit is the best freeware tool available to Windows users for this purpose.

It supports file sizes of over 100 GB. In addition to that, this software doesn’t require any installation to use. Just download the zip file, extract the HJSplit.exe on your computer and double click to run it. Here’s how you can split and then rejoin those pieces and end up with a fully functional file.

Split a file

Double click on the HJSplit.exe file to run it. Now click on the Split button.

In the next step, click on the Input File button to choose the file you want to split. Here I am using an Ubuntu 700 MB iso file as an example, by splitting it into two smaller chunks of 350 MB. Click on the Output button to choose the location for the output files. Then click on Start button to start the process.

Note: I chose 350 MB, because I want to split the file into two parts only. You can choose any size and split it into more than two parts.

The process of splitting the file will start. A progress bar will appear to show the status. The time it takes will depend on the size of the file you are splitting.

After some time, a small notification box will appear showing you when the process is complete. You can check the location, to find the two files having the suffix 001 and 002, respectively.

Merge files

Merging the file is easy. Run the tool again. This time click on the Join button. The File Join dialog box will appear. Click on the Input File button to choose the split file. Note that only the file having 001 will be visible in the dialog box, just select that file, it will automatically detect the rest. But remember that all the files you are joining must be in the same folder. Click the Output button to select the location of the merged file and click the Start button to start the joining process.

The same status bar will appear again. After some time, the files will be joined and a notification box will appear. That’s how you can merge and split files easily. You can download HJ-Split here [1].

~Himanshu Yadav