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Spotify Shortcuts

I’m lovin’ Spotify, the free streaming music service that lets you browse and listen to an endless catalog of almost every imaginable genre out there. Heck, the band I play in is even on there, so it must be awesome, right? Here are some shortcuts to help you along:

Play/pause –  Space
Play selected row – Enter
Next track – Ctrl-Right
Previous track Ctrl-Left
Volume up – Ctrl-Up
Volume down – Ctrl-Down
Mute – Ctrl-Shift-DownCreate new playlist –  Ctrl-N
Cut – Ctrl -X
Copy Ctrl-C
Paste Ctrl-V
Delete – Del
Select all – Ctrl-A
Select none – Ctrl-Shift-A
Show help – F1
Focus on address/search field – Ctrl-L
Go back (browse) – Alt-Left C
Go forward (browse) – Alt-Right
Browse to album of selected row – Ctrl-Shift-Enter
Browse to artist of selected row – Ctrl-Alt-Enter
Preferences – Ctrl-P
Logout active user – Ctrl-Shift-W
Quit – Alt-F4

Have Fun!