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Spring Cleaning For Your Smartphone

As I write this, the first day of spring is only a day away. Seems like a good time to take up that good old tradition of spring cleaning – on your smartphone or tablet.  Is your phone the equivalent of a spare room crammed full of stuff you thought you might use someday? Packed with photos you meant to put in albums? Time to clean! The good news is that you won’t need to climb any ladders or deal with fumes from cleaning products.


 First on our list, some items that will make for clutter in the real world, too: Photos, videos and documents.  Go through them. Delete the blurry useless pictures of the floor, videos of dark rooms and documents you don’t need. Now, we need to back everything you want to keep up somewhere. Could be your computer, an external storage device or a cloud service. But in case you’ve saved some of these items in an app and not to your SD card, we want them safe and sound. Because we’re going to start throwing out apps.



If you’re someone that enjoys downloading lots of apps, this could be some work. Roll up your sleeves and keep some water handy. It’s important to stay hydrated while doing chores. You know those free apps you downloaded? The ones you used once? The game you were addicted to and haven’t played in seven months? The photo sharing app that no longer functions because the developer went out of business? Time to uninstall. Just like those pants you keep hoping will fit again, it’s time to give up and move on. Be ruthless. No, you aren’t going to wear that sparkly Christmas sweater someday and you won’t be getting re-addicted to Angry Birds. If the need arises, you can buy a holiday sweater and re-download Angry Birds.



Now on to your record collection. Reviewing your music is a good way to remind yourself that you have some awesome tunes you haven’t been listening to, but also a good chance to get rid of the stuff you don’t listen to and don’t like very much. Same thing with audio books.  Unless you’re a person who listens to the same books over and over again, remove the ones you’ve finished. If you’ve downloaded books for an e-reader app – it’s time to clear the shelves.



Time to turn to messages. Go through your texts and e-mails and get rid of the junk and nonsense. When you have to go back through it all to look for something important in a hurry someday, you’ll be glad you did.

Finally, let’s clean out your contacts. Time eliminate businesses that are no longer open and people you don’t care to talk with again. Do you have multiple numbers for the same person because instead of updating their information, you just added a new contact? Limit it to the people you need to contact and make sure you have current information. You might also consider limiting contacts to people you should be contacting. It could be an a opportune time to toss that ex in the trash.

While you’re at it, if you use a case for your phone, take the phone out and clean the case. This is also a good time to clean up your computer. And if you still have the strength after all this digital housekeeping, you could straighten out your closet and clean the Fridge.  Happy spring!

~ Cynthia