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Spruce Up Your Email (Netscape Mail)

Spruce Up Your Email (Netscape Mail)

Yesterday Tom showed you how to add graphics, colors, cool fonts, and other formatting to Outlook Express email. Today I will show you how to do it if you are using Netscape.

To get started, just click on “Compose Message” then click inside the text box.

Setting Up Your Page

The first step is really easy: from the “format” menu, select “Page colors and Background” then select the “Use custom colors” radio button. Now you can choose different colors for your text and background.


Down a little lower you will notice the “Background Image” selector. Click “Choose File”, then browse to find your background picture. Try looking in your “My Documents/My Pictures” folder. Keep in mind that the image you use will be “wallpapered” (repeated) across the body of the email, so a small image will appear as many times as it takes to fill the screen.

When you are satisfied with the preview, click OK .

Creating Your Email

You’ll see that the background graphic you selected is in the space where you write your email. Go ahead and type your message as you would normally—notice the text color you selected is being used. Once you’ve got some headlines and other text in, we get to do the other cool part of this process.

Select your greeting, or some other part of the email that you’d like to highlight. Notice the “Body Text” tab just above the message window—click this for a drop down menu. Just highlight a section of text and choose a size from the menu.


Another tab is labeled “Variable Width” which is where you go to select a font for highlighted text. Next to that is a little square with your font color—click there to change the color of a highlighted area. Notice the other formatting tabs just above the message box: font size, bold, italic, indent, etc.

Use HTML tags!

If you understand how to work with HTML source code, you can edit or insert HTML tags, style attributes, and JavaScript in your mail message. Place the insertion point where you want to insert the HTML code, then open the Insert menu and choose HTML . In the Insert HTML dialog box, enter HTML tags and text, then click Insert to put your changes in.

I did not find a way to save the format like you can in Outlook Express, so every time you want to make a fancy email, you need to start from scratch. But then, that makes each one special 😉

~ David