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Keeping your bookmarks/favorites synchronized across multiple PCs can be a chore and it seems as though it is never exactly right on. You’re always missing a bookmark that you want to use at home, but you only have it at work. Sure, there are portable browsers you can use, but you still have to carry arounWantd a thumb drive everywhere you go in order to use it.

This is where Spurl comes in. Spurl is an online service that allows you to quickly and easily store bookmarks into its database. The database is accessible by anyone who can connect to the Internet and from there, it can be used as a centralized bookmark server. This means your bookmarks go with you everywhere. You have nothing to carry around and nothing to constantly update every time you surf or leave your PC.

With Spurl, you can even upload all your current browser’s favorites/bookmarks, so it’s not like you have to start over from scratch if you want to use the service. Since Spurl works with almost any browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla/Firefox, Netscape and Safari across Windows, Linux and MacOS), you will have no problem uploading your bookmark information from different computers. This way, you know that all the information you want is always just a click away.

Another feature of Spurl is that you can organize your favorites/bookmarks in Spurl using category tags and even snippets of the Web site, which allows them to be organized and indexed for quick and efficient bookmark searches. Spurl also allows you to search through their database of stored bookmarks using keywords. Spurl will look through notes, user created tags and even under the body of the site page. If you were using Spurl when you were surfing the Web, you’ll always be able to find the page you were looking for, no matter where you are. Cool, huh?!

Another cool feature of Spurl is that you can search out other lists of favorites from other users who have elected to share their favorites on the Spurl server. There are even “Hot Lists” that you can look through. These are favorites/bookmarks that others in the Spurl community strongly recommend.

At first, Spurl can seem a little strange to deal with, but with tons of help on their Web site, such as the “Getting Started Guide,” FAQs and the forum, you will be a Spurl guru in no time. As a matter of fact, I recommend that before you sign up for the service, you should read through the “Getting Started Guide.” It walks you through the whole process and answers almost any questions that you may have.

If you find that your favorites/bookmarks to all your favorite sites are spread out over a couple of different PCs, you can get bogged down synchronizing everything or you can just let Spurl do it for you!

You can begin using Spurl’s wonderful online bookmark service here. You have to create a username and password in order to log in, than you’ll be good to go. Hope you enjoy!

~ Chad Stelnicki