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Spy Letters of the American Revolution

I don’t think it matters what time period is being investigated – people love a spy story. I know I do! So when I ran across this site, Spy Letters of the American Revolution, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to share it with all of you – if only so I could make time to completely check it out myself. This site has it all: secret code, invisible ink, captured letters, and more!  

I think you could start navigating the site anywhere you want. I started by reading the letters themselves in the Gallery of Letters, but quickly moved into the Stories of Spies and Letters because I really wanted the whole picture. I started with Rachel Revere to Paul Revere (Take the Money and Run) and then just used the Next Story link at the bottom of the section to navigate through the rest of the stories.

I found the experience to be very interactive because there are links in the stories that you can click to find out more information. For example, in Take the Money and Run there is a link to Benjamin Church, which provides more information on him (he was actaully a spy for the British!) which really makes the stories you’re reading full of interesting tidbits. 

Another fun way to browse the site would be to use the Timeline, and follow the events as they happened chronologically. This provides you an opportunity to check out the fascinating images of portraits, landscapes, etc. from the time period. Or you could just check out the People section, and view each person alphabetically (don’t forget to check out the women who were spies as well). 

This is an awesome historical site, I hope you’ll be as captivated by it as I was! 

http://www2.si.umich.edu/spies/ [1]