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Spybot Search and Destroy

This program is used for removing those pesky adware / spyware files on your computer. By now, most people understand the vast threat out there when it comes to malicious files that are sometimes tied to programs you download. If you are not aware of the potential threats I will give a bit of an overview.

Spyware is defined as a type of malware designed to collect information from your computer about you without your knowledge. It can do many things from changing your computer settings to causing really slow connection speeds on your computer. This program is designed to take care of these and many other problems for you.

I would like to go directly into the use of the program but before I do, I want to mention a very important step. Directly after the setup, it will ask you to Create a Registry Backup, make sure you take this step. This protects you in case the program deletes any necessary files. After this step you will be looking at a screen like the one you see here.


You will notice you have several options available to you listed along the left hand side. I would like to take some time to go through each option and give you information on what they do.

The first option you see is called Search & Destroy. By simply clicking on the Check for problems button, the program will scan your computer for potentially hazardous files and list them for you. Please understand this may take some time. Once finished you can choose to fix each problem it has reported.

The next option is Recovery. The Recovery tab will show you a list of fixes you have done in the past. Here you have the option of “recovering” the files or ultimately deleting them from your system.

The next option you see here is the Immunize tab. This tab is used to block threats already known to SpyBot as being hazardous from entering your computer at all. Basically this part is a preventative measure that you should take every once and awhile.


The last two tabs you see are for upgrades and donations. The upgrade tab should be used frequently especially if you do not have automatic updates set up. Many of these Spyware files are changed and launched on a daily basis. By upgrading frequently you are checking for new threats identified by the program. The donations tab is just that; donations. This program is free but by donating to the manufacturer you are helping them keep you and others safe.

Ultimately, whether you are aware of what spyware or adware can do, this is a must have program. Everybody that has the internet and browses for any reason needs to be protected. By using this free program you are saving your computer and yourself from future headaches. To download this free program, simply click here [1].

Apparently, some issues have been reported with Spybot on Vista and Windows 7. The following instructions are supplied by a Spybot staff member. Right-click the Spybot – Search & Destroy entry in your start menu, instead of just left-clicking to start it. Then, choose Run as administrator from the context menu.