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Stars and Constellations

One of my favorite summer activities is stargazing, because it’s warm enough to sit outside comfortably and check out the night sky. That’s why this site is cool – because it lists the 26 brightest stars in our solar system, which in my opinion are the stars that we’re more likely to be able to see when we’re stargazing with the naked eye. 

Navigation is easy, just pick the section that you’re the most interested in and dive in. You’ll be able to choose from the 26 brightest stars, the 26 nearest stars, learn what a constellation is and so much more. 

You can check out the listings of constellations by alphabetical order or by month, and you can check out the stars also by alphabetical order or by which is the brightest. Don’t forget to investigate the Interactive Star Charts – a fun way to explore the stars! 

I would also seriously suggest everyone read the FAQ! I learned so much from the questions that were answered. I had no idea why we could see the Milky Way even though we are a part of it. I love sites that teach me new things! 

Want to know more about our universe that doesn’t involve stars and constellations? Then head down to the Supplementary Information section where you can learn all about the nine planets, as well as the Greek and Roman myths surrounding the stars, see the Astronomy Picture of the Day, and even check out the very handy Constellation Pronunciation Guide! 

http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~dolan/constellations/ [1]