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Start A Tech Fund…Right Now!

Have you recently purchased a new smart phone or brand new tablet? Congratulations! It’s going to be obsolete in a few years. It stings, I know. But in a couple of years your fancy phone’s operating system won’t work with the latest apps. Or you may need to update our operating system, as is the case with the end of support for Windows XP.

Consider doing what we do at my house. We have a tech fund. Even when we have something nice and shiny and new, we still keep putting away a fixed amount of money a month to replace and repair our tech. Like your house or your car, there are going to be tech emergencies.

You might drop or lose something or it could just die on you. We aim for $50 a month, although we could up that if there was a special goal we were working towards. But even if you could just set aside $20 in an envelope each month.  In 18 months, you’d have $360. That’s enough to buy a new laptop should yours crash, a new phone or a tablet.

~ Cynthia