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Start the Task When?

Start the Task When?

By default, MS Outlook 2007 puts your tasks at the bottom of your weekly calendar.

It really is a nice feature to have. One quick glance and you can see which items are due each day, all while checking your appointment schedule as well.

But what if you take a look at your task list for the day and realize something pretty big is due and you haven’t even started on it yet?

What now?

You may be thinking it’d be nice if Outlook put the task on the start date so that you’d have a reminder of when it’s time to get to work.

If that’s your preference, I’m here to let you know that with just a couple clicks, Outlook will be happy to oblige!

While in the Calendar feature, you’re looking for the View menu, Daily Task List and then the Arrange By choice.

Once you arrive in that location, you’ll see you have two choices: Start Date and Due Date.

Choose Start Date and poof! You’ll see your tasks instantly rearrange themselves so that you won’t be caught unaware by a big deadline again. Yes!

~ April