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Start-up Error Messages And The Corrupt Program

Janet from NE writes:

How can we eliminate the popup messages that come up when we turn on the computer…”Buffer Zone trying to load”; “Amclient.xml corrupted; ; “Client Defs.xml”? Have had problems since we downloaded that program and then uninstalled it. Help!!

Hi, Janet.

Unfortunately, you didn’t tell us what “that” program is.  I can think of several that I refer to simply as “that” program, the same way that you might refer to a dog that you don’t like as “that” dog.  But there are a couple of possibilities:

One is that you used Window’s uninstaller to remove it instead of the program’s own uninstall tool.  If a program comes with its own uninstall tool, then use that instead of Windows, because it probably has the correct tools to uninstall all aspects of the program from your hard drive.  If that’s the case, then simply reinstall the program and use the uninstaller to get rid of it.

The second possibility is that you may have to search the web for an uninstall tool for it.  This happens with programs like Mcafee and Norton, which install little subprograms all over your hard drive.

The third possibility is that “that” program was a piece of freeware that’s riddled with viruses and malware.  Try running your anti-virus program, along with a good malware killer like Adaware.  If that doesn’t work, you may have to take it into your friendly neighborhood computer geek to run something tougher like Highjack This! on it. 

If it wasn’t a freeware program, or it came from a reputable company, and it’s just happening on start up, then you may just have to remove it from your start-up programs.  In order to do this in Windows 7, click your start button, then “all programs”, then the folder titled “startup”.

Right-click on “Startup”.  If you want to remove the program from one user, click “explore”.  If you want to remove it from all users on the computer, click on “explore all users”.

Right-click on the program that you want to remove and click “delete”.

I hope that this helps.

~Randal Schaffer