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Stay On Longer

Stay On Longer

Do you Yahoo!? If you’re an avid Yahoo! user, you probably use it for pretty much everything you do online, right? I mean, they have e-mail, an instant message program, games, different groups you can join, music you can download, sports news, the yellow pages and so on and so forth. Either way you look at it, Yahoo! has all your needs covered. Plain and simple.

So, what else could they do to make your Yahoo! experience even better? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you today. If you sign into your Yahoo! account every day, you probably have noticed a new feature on the Sign In page. You may have seen it there, but do you really know what the deal is with it? If not, read on to find out!

When you go to sign in to your Yahoo! account (this goes for any Yahoo! program), look below the username and password spaces and you’ll see a checkbox that says “Keep me signed in.” Then if you read the small print, it says “for 2 weeks unless I sign out.” If you check that box, Yahoo! will keep you signed in to your account for two weeks straight, unless you specify otherwise. There’s no more signing in all the time for you. This is sure to save you some time and hassle. I’m already using this new feature and I love it. Check it out!

~ Erin