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Steam Locomotive

Steam Locomotive

Well, this site is obviously about Steam Locomotives. To explore you have the option of Photo Collection, Video Collection, and Tourism.

Photo Collection — Here you will find three awesome galleries. Click on photos and details for each gallery to browse to your heart’s content. My favorite gallery is the third one by Daniel Secarescu. He captured some amazing views of the locomotives.

Video Collection — Here you will find more of my gallery favorite, Daniel Secarescu, but this time it is videos. There are three videos you can watch. They aren’t very long videos, yet I found them a pleasure to watch. My favorite was the third one—I just enjoyed the scenery better.

Tourism — Here you can get all the information a tourist would need. The why and where it’s located and you can even find some related links.

This gives you yet another interesting look at what is going on in Romania, and it’s not all vampires and mobs, either. So take a closer look at the lovely country side, and this industry that is quickly becoming extinct in the United States.

http://www.cffviseu.ro/Presentation.htm [1]