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Steep It

Fancy a cuppa tea? My roommate got me hooked on a white tea from Teavana and I drink it all the time now. It has sparked a curiosity in me to try other teas as well. The one thing I’ve noticed, especially about loose leaf tea, is that they all have different amounts of time they require to steep. What do you do if you’ve lost the packaging, can’t find it, and want to brew the perfect cup of tea? 

Well, I’d recommend bookmarking this handy site. It has a chart of the time you should steep your tea by tea type and a handy built in timer! 

When you get to the site you’ll notice the tea timer text field on the left and the chart on the right. Beneath the text field (which by default reads 3 minutes) you’ll find examples of the different ways you can input text into the timer. Or if you’re using those specific examples (3 minutes, 2minutes30seconds, 34, black, green, or herbal) you can just click them and they already have a timer linked to them that will begin with your click. 

We store our loose leaf tea in airtight tins so we often can’t put our hands on the instructions for that tea. This site has eliminated our need to hunt for them and made enjoying a cup of tea easier.

http://steep.it/ [1]