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Growing up as a kid there was nothing I loved more than hanging out with my friends and having a sleepover. One of the things we often did when we had a big pajama party was to head out side when the weather was nice and pretending that we were camping. This included many a night spent stargazing.

Now I can gaze at those very same constellations from the convenience of my computer since I live in the city and about all I can see at night here is Orion’s belt, or the Big Dipper.

Stellarium is an awesome open source planetarium that you can download to your computer! Navigating their site is easy with the way they’ve laid out their links. In the right corner of the page to download Stellarium you just have to pick your operating system, and beneath that you’ll find a downloadable user’s manual.

You’ll also find that the site has a support and forums section if you should need any help with your planetarium!  I’ve had a blast using this software and I bet you will too! Check it out today.

http://www.stellarium.org/ [1]