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Stereomood allows you to discover music based on your mood. It is not recommended for children, however, because some of the moods are more adult (like setting the mood for some romance, if you catch my drift). Still, there is such a wealth of good music here that I didn’t feel right not sharing it with all of you. 

The idea behind it is that you find music by completing the sentence “I feel…”. by providing the mood, you’ll then be taken to the music listing for that mood.  Another way to pick music is to click the Random tab and choose a mood from those provided randomly. You can generate more random moods by clicking the arrow to the right of the listing. Click the mood that strikes your fancy and you’ll be whisked away to a playlist with that mood theme.

For example, I came home from Astronomy class and saw the mood stargazing. So I clicked it and found some interesting music that I liked. Other mood examples are dreamy, calm, great, in love, cooking, groovy, dance, piano, happy, funny, coding, chill, nostalgic, sweet, driving, feel like crying, party, and ambient just to name a few. 

If you like what you hear and want to keep track of the moods you’ve listened to you can register for free.  You can click My Mood or Join to bring up the registration form. You can either F-Connect or T-Connect, or sign up by creating a username and password and provide an e-mail address, next you’ll  check the box that you agree to the participation terms and then click the Sign-Up button. Once you’ve logged in you can track your moods, and click the hearts on songs you like to favorite them or the plus sign to add them to your library. 

http://www.stereomood.com/ [1]