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Stickers Be Gone

Stickers Be Gone

I know you may be a little confused by that title, but once you get done reading this tip, you’ll be fully informed, I promise. So, did you just buy a new laptop? If so, have you ever been bothered by the stickers that are stuck to it? I mean, they’re practically everywhere and they seem like they’re going to be a permanent fixture on your brand new computer. Well, I have good news. That just doesn’t have to be the case. Want to get rid of those pesky little stickers? Then try this!

Now, some of the stickers are good to keep on, because they prevent scratches, etc., but most of them can come off. Decide which ones you don’t want and pull them off slowly. If you go too fast or try to pull the sticker off all with one tug, you may make it harder for it to actually come off. Start by raising the edges with either your fingernails or a pair of tweezers. Once you have an edge up, pull the sticker off slowly. Remember, go slow!

When you have the sticker off, take your finger and rub it over where the sticker was placed. There may be some sticky stuff there, but your finger will turn that into little dots and you can then just swipe them off your laptop. If you can’t get it off with your finger, try using an eraser from a pencil. That should do the trick. Don’t try using any products (like Goo Gone or a cleaner) to get the stickers off. All of that may damage your laptop and you definitely don’t want that. Once your laptop is sticker free, you’ll be so much happier, I just know it!

~ Erin