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Sticky Highlighting Key

I’m sure you’re aware of the wonders of the Shift key when it comes to mouseless highlighting, but are you one who isn’t so great with key combinations? I mean, all those keys at once is just not something you’re good with, but on the other hand, you’d still like to use your keyboard more and the mouse less.

If that’s an accurate description for you, I may have an alternate to the Shift key that gets the job done just as well!

Instead of the old Shift + arrows (or whatever key you’re using to move around the file), try the F8 key instead.

Yep, that’s the whole trick: the F8 key.

Once you hit this key, the highlighting function is active and you don’t need to keep holding down the key.

Here’s how it works:

Place your cursor at the beginning of the section to be highlighted

Hit the F8 key once and let it go

Use the directional keys (arrows, home, end, page up and page down) to highlight

The highlight is “anchored” to the location of the cursor when you hit the F8 key and from there, you can highlight in any direction.

When you no longer need the highlight or need to move the “anchor” position, just hit the Esc key.

Instantly, the highlight feature will be turned off and you’re back to work as usual!