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Stop an MS Office Program from Opening

Now I know we’ve all thought that just at the moment of no return when we’ve clicked the wrong icon and instead of starting Word we’ve started Excel… or instead of PowerPoint you’ve started Publisher.

We’ve all done it and it can be a royal pain – especially if your computer doesn’t start programs instantaneously.

So now you wait while the wrong program loads so that you can close it and start the correct one this time.


Well I happened to notice something interesting today while starting Word 2010… take a look:


There’s actually a Cancel option as well as window control buttons right on the splash screen of the Office 2010 programs!

If you’ve got a really fast system you’ll never catch it, but then again you won’t care because you’ll be able to close the program and open the correct one in no time.

But for everyone else this could definitely come in handy!

~ April