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Stop Email Address Autocompletes

When I start typing in an email address it starts to fill in the rest. Is there a way to make it stop doing this?

Autocompletes can be a big time saver, or they can be annoying. If you would rather type in the address yourself, or select it from your address book, then here’s what you do:

In Outlook Express go to Tools/Options then hit the “Send” tab. Uncheck “Automatically complete e-mail addresses when Composing”.


In Thunderbird go to Tools/Options then click “Composition”. Under “Address Autocompletion” uncheck “Local Address Books”.

In Netscape Mail go to Edit/Preferences and click “Addressing”. Under “Address Autocompletion” uncheck the “Local Address Books” box.

With AOL, go to Mail Options/Set Mail Preferences then click the “Advanced” tab. Uncheck “Use my Address Book and Buddy List to autosuggest names when sending emails”.

In Yahoo Mail go to “Mail Options” then under “Personalization” click “General Preferences”. Look for “Autocomplete” then select “Do not use Address AutoCompletion”.

There you have it. No more autocompletion of addresses.

~ David

David Samuel Thomas