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Stop Medicine Abuse

Welcome to Stop Medicine Abuse; a site that is dedicated to the task of preventing substance abuse of OTC (over the counter) and prescription medication. Here you will find information on substance abuse, how to prevent it, and how to educate others about it.

I think that you should start your visit in the About Us section; there you will find their mission statement, and on the right side of the page, links to important articles on the subject matter, fact sheets, statistics, and more. Along the top of the main page is a navigation strip with the following categories:

Learn About Abuse – in this section you will find information about both OTC and Prescription Drug substance abuse.  Did you know that ten percent of teens have abused an over the counter drug in order to get high? I sure didn’t! Test your knowledge on substance a abuse by taking the quiz located on the right side of this section. I was actually surprised at how poorly I did on the quiz, and how little I knew about the topic!

Take Action – this section is devoted to showing you ways that you can take action against these substance abuses in your community. Whether it’s through an established program like D.A.R.E, or just using the tell-a-friend option on this site – you can spread awareness of this problem in your community.

Testimonials – this section provides access to testimonials from teens to other teens about abusing cough medicine. Sometimes the best advice can come from people in their own peer group, rather than from adults. Teens can even receive a free newsletter on substance abuse, or sign up for a free newsletter via their e-mail.

Find Resources – here you will find a listing of resources that you can check out for further information on substance abuse and its prevention.

Home to Homeroom – this section is devoted to providing parents information on how they can prevent their children from abusing OTC and prescription drugs. There are three articles at the moment: “Not My Kid” Isn’t an Answer, Your To-Do List: Prevent Teen Cough Medicine Abuse, and Good Medicines, Bad Behaviors.

En Español – here you’ll find information on substance abuse in Spanish.

Five Moms – here you’ll find information on the Five Moms campaign. It started with five moms from completely different backgrounds and locations who came together to fight against cough medicine abuse! Are you the next Five Mom? If you’re passionate about the campaign against cough medicine abuse, and have worked in your community to raise awareness about the issue – you can apply to be a Five Mom in the Next Five Mom Search.

This site offers a fantastic assortment of information on substance abuse – both from OTC and prescription drugs – so be sure to check it out today so that you are up to date on the latest information!

http://www.stopmedicineabuse.org/ [1]