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Stop Missing Updates From Your Favorite Facebook Pages

As Facebook continues to change the way your news feed works, you’ll likely see fewer updates from your favorite pages. Instead the news feed becomes cluttered with related ads, sponsored posts and updates from just a handful of your friends. You don’t have to just let your pages go or visit each page individually to check for updates. Instead, you can follow each page to always get the latest updates

If you have numerous pages you want to follow, the process will take a little while, but you’ll only have to do it once to get results. You’ll need approximately 1-2 minutes per page.

Start by finding the page you want to follow. You can do this one of three ways.

The first method is to scroll through your news feed and click the page’s name, if any updates are still making it to your feed. This is the hardest and longest method. 

The second method is to view the Pages Feed, which lists all updates from all pages you like. On the left side of your news feed page, scroll down to the Pages section. Click Pages Feed. If you want to view all updates from all pages without having to follow each page individually, use the Pages Feed option on a regular basis. If you still want to see page updates in your news feed, click the page name from a recent status update to go to the page’s timeline.

The final and best method is to search for pages. From any page on Facebook, type the page name into the search box. The page name should appear as you type. You can follow this approach even for pages you haven’t Liked yet. Click the page name when it appears to open the page.

If you haven’t already liked the page, click the Like button directly under the cover photo. Next to the Like button, you’ll see a Follow button. Click Follow to view all posts from the page in your news feed. If the button says Following, you’re already following the page and you don’t need to click the button again.

You should now start seeing the latest updates in your news feed. However, remember that Facebook organizes your news feed based upon the people and pages you interact with most. Posts may not always be in order.

Another important thing to remember is if a page has multiple posts in a day, they may be grouped together. You’ll see a See All link below the first few posts in the group to view all grouped posts. Facebook does this to condense your news feed.