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Stop the Animation

Some of the Web sites I visit always have some sort of animation going on. Whether it be a scrolling marquee or a picture, it’s pretty distracting. Is there any way I can turn those off?

As a matter of fact, there is! And what’s even better? It’s so very simple to do. Okay, so here’s the deal. You go to one of your favorite Web sites and even though it’s your favorite and you visit it often, each time you get more and more frustrated with some of the animations it has included on the pages. Like you said in the question, sometimes it’s something scrolling across your screen and other times, it might be a flashing image. Whatever it may be, after you stare at it for awhile, all you have left to say is, “Stop!”

Another bad thing about Web site animations is that they sometimes distract you from getting your work done. Maybe you’re visiting a site to do some research and all you can concentrate on is the flashing picture. So, tell me, do you want to get rid of them? Yes, you do? Are you sure? Okay, I believe you now! Let’s do it then!

Here’s how you do it. In Internet Explorer:

1.) Go to Tools, Internet Options.

2.) The Internet Options dialogue box will open.

3.) Click on the Advanced tab.

4.) Scroll down until you see the Multimedia section. Disable the option that says “Play animations in Web pages” by unchecking the box.

5.) Click OK when you’re done.

That was pretty easy, huh?! So, from now on, you will still see the images of the animations, but they will be still. They won’t move around any longer. No more distraction here!

~ M. Nagarajan