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Stop Third Party Toolbars

Stop Third Party Toolbars

Have you ever been surfing along when suddenly you find that somewhere along your journey you picked up an extra toolbar? Many of these (Hotbar for instance) are adware that sends targeted pop-ups. Sometimes you can go to Add/Remove Programs and delete them there, but how about an easier way to get rid of them AND prevent them from getting there to begin with.

NOTE: If you are using a friendly toolbar like those from Google [1] or Yahoo , you don’t want to follow this tip.

OK, here’s the trick: go to the “Tools” menu and choose “Internet Options”. Click the “Advanced” tab then scroll down. Underneath “Browsing” you’ll find a checkbox that says,”Enable third-party browser extensions”. Uncheck this box and press “OK” to close the dialog box.


After you reset your computer the extra toolbars and buttons should be gone.

~ David