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Street Fashion Photography

CC image courtesy of Orangeadnan

Make the most of these street fashion photography tips, and you could be on your way to becoming a fashion photographer.

Location, location, location: Just the way location is key to your property purchase, street fashion relies on the place where you shoot – and the way to get the most of it is to take pictures outside busy thoroughfares: at zebra crossings, against the blue skies, against well-known architectural landmarks, in the center of the road, in front of neon signboards, against the street wall and by the beach, among others. 

CC image courtesy of London School of Fashion

Watch the background: Blur the background using a fast lens like the 18-105mm, so the surroundings don’t distract the viewer.

Keep them colorful: No matter what dress or style you are presenting, keep them colorful to make the photos stand out even more.

CC image courtesy of koalazymonkey

Become invisible: It’s best to keep the photos candid and take pictures by remaining invisible. This can be achieved by being discreet – to make people think you are taking your own picture and not theirs. You can even tell them that to reassure them. However, if/when you take their pictures, it’s best to not capture their face fully to avoid any rights issues later. Or, you could ask for their permission after the candid shot has been taken. This is to prevent them from becoming self-conscious. 

CC image courtesy of koalazymonkey

Go black and white: This goes very well when you are shooting retro trends. However, don’t overdo it. Black and white is a safer option, but you have to establish your credentials by shooting well in color too.

Make it a daily affair: Street fashion requires a discerning eye and some bravado. After all, how often have you gone up to a stranger and asked their permission to use their photo? Make this a habit and permissions, candid moments and better photography will become second nature to you.

CC image courtesy of Camilo Henao

Go with a 50mm lens: Since street fashion photography is portrait in one sense, it’s best to use a 50mm lens while you are at it. Not only are there less distortions, like those caused by caused by wide-angle lenses, they’re easier to tote around, too.

CC image courtesy of Mmrya 

Focus point: When you are shooting close up shots of a person’s face, your center focus point should be the eyes. However, if it’s the person from head to toe, focus your lens on their chest.

Best of luck!

~Zahid H Javali