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Stuck Pixels

Stuck Pixels

Do you have a new LCD [1] monitor (or even an old one) that seems to have a “stuck” pixel on it? Let me explain a little more. It could be any point on your monitor that seems to always be a little brighter or duller looking than the rest of the colors. This isn’t uncommon, especially with brand new LCD monitors.

Why does this happen? Well, it’s usually caused by a transistor malfunction or by an uneven liquid distribution in the liquid crystal display. If you are having a problem with this, there is an easy way to try and fix it. First, turn off your computer and the monitor and get a damp cloth to use on your screen. Next, apply some pressure to the area where your stuck pixel is located. Make sure you don’t put pressure anywhere else, because that could cause more pixels to stick.

While you’re still pressing the pixel area, turn your computer and the monitor back on. Remove the cloth and the pixel should be back to normal. The pressure helps to spread the liquid around the stuck pixel area. Doing this will also help with the backlight of your monitor, allowing more light and the different colors to come through. If this doesn’t solve your pixel problem, you may have to go the software route. A good one to try is JScreenFix. Good luck!

~ Erin