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There are many types of photo editing programs on the market today. Some of them are so light that they barely provide the ability to rotate images. On the other side of this, are the ones that consume so much of your computer’s resources that they can slow your computer response time. Well, I have found one that finds itself pretty much right in the middle of these extremes. It is called Hornil StylePix, a photo editing program capable of many types of image editing.

The photo editing options are so extensive in this program, that it would be nearly impossible to list all of them. The editing tools are located along the side and across the top of the screen. You can use these editing tools to do basic things such as crop images, or you can use the many specialized features you would ordinarily only see in high dollar photo editing programs.

The image below, from the StylePix Help and Support [1] page, clearly illustrates the Workspace.

Not only does this program do advanced editing, it also supports almost any file type that you can load into your computer. It has features such as applying filters, sharpening images, cropping, rotating, and much more! It also works with layers, offers opacity setting adjustments and contains what they call an Action list, which records the history. If you want to return to an earlier state, just double click on that stage in the history, and there you are. There is a learning curve and StylePix may be difficult to master at first, but can be very useful once you have learned its ins and outs. However, if you’ve worked with other image editors, you may be able to jump right in.

On top of everything I have laid out, it’s FREE! So what do you have to lose? Click here [2] for the free download.