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Styles Following Styles

Styles Following Styles

Do you use styles in MS Word?

Do you always follow one particular style with another one? Maybe a certain heading style is always followed by another style in whatever work you do.

Would you like a way to get Word to make the style switch automatically?

Yeah, who wouldn’t in cases where the style switch is made so frequently?

You’ll be surprised at just how simple it is to get Word to automatically switch them up.

First, we need to see the Styles list. The Format menu, Styles and Formatting choice will do the trick or if you’re task pane savvy, you could switch over to using the drop down list of choices there.

Either way, we need this list:

If the Style you need to work with isn’t on the list, just click New Style and select it from the list.

Once you can see the first style in your “chain” of two, place the mouse pointer over it and click the down arrow on the right side.

Choose Modify from the menu that opens.

Once in the Modify Style window, you’re looking for the “Style for following paragraph” field.

From this drop down list, choose the style that should be applied to paragraphs that come after the initial one.

For example, if you always follow Heading 1 with the Normal style, be sure you select Normal from the list.

Click OK when you’re done.

That’s it. One style to follow another, without the extra work of actually making the change!

~ April