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Styles for Cells Part 1

Today I’d like to take a moment to address a reader’s question.

In particular he’s recently upgraded to Excel 2007 and has noticed this on the Home tab of the Ribbon:


So the question is, what are they?

It’s a good question to ask so let’s take a moment to answer it.

First, if you click the down arrow next to the ones you see you’ll find that an entire palette of choices appears.


What you’re seeing is a set of predefined cell formats. (Older versions of Excel have cell styles too, but not a predefined set the way that this version does. We’ll cover creating styles tomorrow so those of you with older versions I’ll address your choices in the next issue..)

The idea behind it is that you may consistently use the same formatting for data labels, titles or other parts of your worksheets. Most people find that the repeated work of applying all of that formatting gets old really quickly.

So… instead of setting that formatting over and over again choose one from the Cell Styles palette and presto!

The selected cells have the chosen formatting with only a couple of clicks.

Logically, I can hear someone thinking to themselves… nice idea, too bad I don’t see a formatting I like.

Never fear – Excel has you covered on that front too.

Since that process, while quick for you to accomplish is a bit long for me to explain, I’ll ask you to “tune in” tomorrow and we’ll cover how to make one that’s all your own.

~ April