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Super Secure Facebook

When you do anything on the Internet via a secure connection, you’ll notice that your address bar at the top of your browser says “https:” – the “s”, standing for “secure”, obviously. Well, did you know that there’s a way you can browse Facebook with a secure connection, too?

Heck, you can never be too careful, so follow along!

First, log into your Facebook account, and click Account>Account Settings, which is located to the far right of the page.


On the next page, under Account Security, click Change and put a check mark in the box next to Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible. Here, you can also choose to have an e-mail sent to you if your Facebook account is accessed from another computer. Click Save when you’re done.


And there you have it! You’ll now browse Facebook with a secure connection, thus ensuring your safety as you browse status updates and pictures of peoples cats.