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Surface Pro Short On Free Hard Drive Space

Customers purchasing the new Microsoft Surface Pro could be asking, “Where’s the rest of my hard drive?” The tablets come out of the box with a lot less free hard drive space than you might expect.

The 64GB version will actually have 23GB available for storage, while the 128 GB model has 83GB free. One of the selling points for the Surface Pro is its ability to run programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, but those programs can take up a lot of room on a drive.

Microsoft pointed out in a statement that you can connect your Surface Pro to external storage devices and that it comes with 7GB of free cloud storage. You can also purchase a microSDXC card for an additional 64GB of storage.

But considering that the 64GB Surface Pro costs $899 and the 128 GB model $999, extra storage is another expense to take into account when buying the tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro hits stores on February 9.

– Cynthia